We are currently implementing the following procedures for members when playing golf.

  • Members are required to handle and bring their own clubs and any other personal belongings (shoes, clothing, etc.) to and from the course on a daily basis when playing.
  • While on the golf course, golfers must exercise social distancing with their fellow playing partner.
  • Refrain from removing pins, all of the cups have been fitted with an insert to avoide any need to touch the hole and flagstick. 
  • All rakes, garbage cans, ball washers and coolers have been removed.
  • The golf operation hours will be Tuesday - Thursday 8am to 6pm and Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7am - 7pm.
  • Failure to comply with the state requirements will result in removal from the golf course and may result in a suspension of golf privledges.

We ask that if you plan to make a tee time please watch this video to understand how the golf operations will work